Blood Orange & Meringue Tarts with Lauren Cooper

My friend Lauren, if you haven’t already gleaned from my Instagram, has been my culinary cohort this year. With eighteen years of catering under her belt and a pastry chef for just the same, Lauren brings expertise to my humble love of cooking and creating in the kitchen. I’ve always got a head full of ideas from my travels and she’s always up to join me to try out my culinary crazy and raise me one (or many) with her culinary insights.

We’ve worked together this year cooking and styling a number or projects which I look forward to sharing here as we are able. Until then,¬†Lauren was kind enough to pass along her Blood Orange Meringue Tart recipe, which we styled and shot just last week for the holidays. I’m just positive these tiny, tangy little tarts will be the perfect addition to your holiday dessert repertoire.

Lauren was also sure to remind me to share, that any leftover curd, should not be wasted, but instead served spread on your morning scone. Now do you see why we get along so well?



Check out Lauren’s bustling cake business here in Washington, DC, Aspen Street Cakes.





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