For the Love of Peacocks

For the Love of Peacocks_Elise Hanna

There is very little that I love more than a great statement chair. The greatest of all, the majestic peacock chair. It is, in itself, a beautiful creature (the bird and the seat of course!) strong and majestic, yet made of the simplest and lightest materials. Light is key in our life of wander. The greatest thing about this chair is its chameleon-like versatility. In all it’s splendor, it can grace your patio as beautifully as your bohemian bedroom, but also mixes perfectly with more modern pieces. I’d love a whole dining room of them, set around a rectangular table. Alas my dining room isn’t big enough for that right now, but perhaps down the road a bit.

Here is a sneak peek at my very own peacock chair from Instagram yesterday. I had it made in India in the essence of one I’d coveted from Anthropologie for far too long. It is now one of my favorite pieces in our house, and continues to migrate from room to room as the mood strikes me. It is also accompanied by a very long and hilarious story, one that ended with it arriving on my doorstep, wet with paint just moments before the moving van arrived. Some day I hope each piece in my house has an amazing story like this one.
Photo Mar 08, 4 11 24 PM

Here are five peacock chairs from about the web that you don’t even have to fly to India to have made! Although I’d highly recommend the unforgettable experience. You can also check me out on Pinterest for more peacock styling ideas. Happy Shopping!

Elise Hanna Peacock Chair_Shopping

Rattan Peacock Chair // Vintage Mid-century White Peacock Chair // Rattan Wicker Peacock Chair with Vintage Accents // Peacock Accent Chair // Peacock Chair in Navy

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