Jukaso Ganges // Varanasi, India

You see, there’s this little place, in an old, old town on the edge of a very sacred river. Most guests arrive by a boat, rowed by a young and strong man. Unless of course, you arrive in a monsoon. In the event of a monsoon, you’d edge as close as you could get to the veins that feed the blood (both warm and cold) to the heart of the city. You’d be told to jump out of the car when the water lapped the bottoms of your cab doors and you’d blindly follow two boys, surrendering completely your navigational trust. They’d throw your bags in black, plastic garbage sacks and umbrellas over your head. You’d follow them down endless halls of time until you finally emerged on to the river. The sky would be grey, the river wide, and the scents as deep and complex as a fine red wine. Within your hotel and its ancient corners: clean lines and unexpected traces of color. Each morning, bells would ring, and the temple outside your door would be tended and anointed by a priest.  You’d make your way to breakfast on the roof, and the sun would shine so bright upon your face and upon each ancient thing, that the city would feel like an over-sharpened version of itself. At night, encased in thick, concrete walls, the room would provide space to process your experiences of the day, and a bellhop might run outside of the old (and dry) city to procure and deliver ice cold beer. The river–though lined and filled with activity–would be eerily quiet, and you would rest hard in preparation for another of the most enchanting and profound days of your life.

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Stay // Jukaso Ganges

CK 1/14 Patni Tola (Between Mehta Hospital & Bhosie Ghat)

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001, India

+91 542 240 6667


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