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I shot considerably less 35mm in India than I did 120mm. A roll of 35 could meander the streets with shots from a walk here or there and would often finish, forgetting where it started. When I’d finally sent it to be developed and it eventually made it’s way back to the USA, I’d often forgotten what was on it at all. Months later, small gifts would unravel in my inbox filled with frames of friendly faces and bright temple corners.

Somehow in the chaos of our move back home last fall, I completely missed this one roll. I carried it home and eventually sent it in with a recent batch headed to The Find Lab. It was returned with scans from a recent family portrait session causing all the warmth of Chennai to come rushing back to me.

It is unlike me to share entire roll, but something is different about this roll and the time that passed has erased all imperfections that I would have scrutinized while I was still in the thick of Chennai.

This roll was taken over the course of two photo walks, one with my friends at The Chennai Photo-walk and one with my friend Ed Malcik. I love something about the complete transparency of sharing this whole roll, imperfections and all. It is, after all, who I am, and how I see the world. It’s every good thing about Chennai, laid bare upon the streets for everyone to see, with a few secrets up its sleeve. The photographs are only lightly edited, another aspect that I could barely touch, like all the memories might be tinkered with if I adjusted the warm highlights that naturally occurred as the sun rose in the summer heat or rotated images that my excited hands slipped in horizontally.

This roll was shot on 35mm Kodak Portra 400 on my father’s old Minolta x-700.


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  • lovely… you did well with a manual camera like this and the focusing.

    I have an x500 which i like to use every so often when I’m not needing autofocus for decisive shooting. Its great to handle a manual camera and fully immerse youself in your photography making. FIND lab have done a good job. I would use them, but being in the UK, its very expensive to post to USA. So I use Cameracita in Spain.

    Keep up the great blog!

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