Pickled Vadouvan Deviled Eggs with RawSpiceBar


RawSpiceBar recently contacted me to see if I’d be interested in checking out their cool new product. Think “Fruit of the Month Club” for spices. Having been cozied up here in home base USA for a little over a year now, I’m kicking and screaming to pull out my passport and get moving again. Until then, I quickly answered, “Yes!”

This months spice kit was filled with memories of South India, giving me one more reason to love the team at RawSpiceBar. My kit arrived with three .3 ounce packets of freshly ground spices, inspired by India including, “Unpumpkin Pie Spice,” “Peppercorn Chai” and “Indo-French Vadouvan.” The envelope included two recipes for each packet, but you know me better than that so I rolled my sleeves up and got a little creative.

Tis the season here, stateside, for deviled eggs. They run rich in my families history and stood center stage on a specially made deviled egg plate that haunted my youth. A true American holiday staple. I’d be lying, though  if I said I didn’t love a good deviled egg, so this seemed the perfect twist on the old family favorite. Indo-French Vadouvan reminded me immediately of our road trip to Pondicherry and of Mrs Rita’s insistence on boiled eggs as the perfect road trip fare and Pickled Vadouvan Deviled Eggs was born.

For more information on RawSpiceBar or to grab your own packet of mouth watering wanderlust head over to my Instagram page for a chance to win one month free or to the RawSpiceBar website for more details.


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