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I prefer to marvel over the bounty of a person’s garden than a person’s pocketbook. At the level which we are all one, where we tend to nature, from which we all came and raise bounty from mere seeds. We can all be equal when our fingernails and the cracks in our skin are soiled brown from sowing the same earth.

I spent 10 years living in Palm Beach County, I’ll admit to times that I wanted it all: the lifestyle, the money and the beautiful, perfectly sculpted hedge wall. Then I met Paul and realized our love was the thing I’d gone searching for on the other side of the continent all along. I know now that money doesn’t buy happiness, a large home does not breed happy families and less is always more.

Then I couldn’t wait to get out. I used to never want to return once I had finally sprung myself from it’s quiet promises of splendor in banknotes. Since my return from India, however I only see it as another fascinating land to explore. I prefer to walk the streets and capture it’s culture with my camera, without ever wanting to dip my toes in its crystal blue swimming pools or dine upon its fancy white linens. I now much prefer to find common ground with its residents based only on it’s quiet gardens where only the same, innate love for nature guarantees ones success.

One of my favorite gardens on Palm Beach is the Society of the Four Arts, a not for profit garden, library and gallery. I used to photograph wedding clients in this garden when I lived in the area, but much prefer wandering its grounds now with my children and marveling at the plants and soaking in its cool, quiet shade on hot South Florida days.

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