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It doesn’t take much to throw my creative juices off, I think any creative would tell you that. Negativity is the death of creativity for me, as I know it. Sometimes it’s like a fickle fire that needs constant attention, little pieces of kindling to keep it going and sometimes a lot of kerosine when the fire has simply fizzled out. Other times it is like Niagara Falls and I wonder when the ideas will ever end or how I will contain them. I keep my creative fire fueled and tended daily with yoga, short walks and small adventures, but the loss of so many lives so senselessly in Orlando last week, was a bucket of water on my usually glowing embers. Friday was the first day I felt a little fire still burning in my soul, the pull for fresh air in my lungs won as it does every day, but today I started to see hope where there was little left. That is the thing about nature, sometimes there isn’t any reason for little plants to live or for a tree to spring up out of the middle of a concrete jungle or for people to find hope when all feels lost, but they do.

There is a lot of good out there if you look for it. May this week be full of rainbows and undiscovered pots of gold. Go find them friends.

This project was inspired by Justina Blakeney’s Face The Foliage project on Instagram. Bits and pieces collected from my own Northern Virginia backyard, rearranged into some of my fondest memories of those glimmers of hope, in the eyes of the women of Chennai.



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