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I always love an excuse to bake a cake, especially when it means that I don’t have to eat that cake all by myself. When our beloved housekeeper, Mrs. Rita, asked that I bake a cake for her grandson’s 2nd birthday last Friday, I was on the job. This is one of my favorite cakes for kids parties and if we’re being honest, I baked it for Paul’s 40th birthday party, too. One is never too old for funfetti. This recipe is just like the original Funfetti of your youth only homemade and comes from The Kitchn. I originally discovered it when we were living in Brazil and now it’s made its way to our kitchen table in India, too.

If I was ever asked to describe India with just one or two all encompassing adjectives, one would most certainly be Funfetti.

Recipe here.

Funfetti Cake_Elise Hanna_01Elise Hanna_Confetti Cake_02

Ps I would bake a cake for this face any day.


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