Hand In Hand // Kanchipuram, India

  I recently visited Hand in Hand India, a Non-Government Organization that rescues children from child labor. Hand in Hand provides a hostel, medical care, education and support for the families in order to replace the lost income generated by these young boys. In honor of International Women’s Day, we were accompanied by mentors from an upper school for girls from Chennai. We toured the school, spent time in small groups drawing and painting,  and discussing dreams for the boys’ futures. We also listened to testimonials of a few of the... Read The Rest →

Cheney Rodeo Parade 2013

There is something you should know: I am from a very small town. A town that I hated growing up, but that I have come to love as the years pass by because it is a part of my story. For the first time I took my kids and attended the Cheney Rodeo Parade this year while visiting my parents. My only regret is that I didn’t go when I lived here as a child, it was filled with small town pride, pride for our country, for hard work and... Read The Rest →

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