Cheney Rodeo 2017

  I feel like I’m always in a hurry to finish things, but this project has no start and no finish. It began long before I even began my career in photography and will last, long after I am gone. I’ll never grow tired of, or feel rushed by this project, and in that is a great sense of love and of ease. I envision looking back at these photos ten and twenty and more years from now and finding things that look exactly the same, but also marveling at... Read The Rest →

Cheney Rodeo Parade 2013

There is something you should know: I am from a very small town. A town that I hated growing up, but that I have come to love as the years pass by because it is a part of my story. For the first time I took my kids and attended the Cheney Rodeo Parade this year while visiting my parents. My only regret is that I didn’t go when I lived here as a child, it was filled with small town pride, pride for our country, for hard work and... Read The Rest →

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