Nectar of The Gods // Cocktail Recipe

  Whenever the twined-stems of these beauties peer out of a box at the market, I jump to buy a bundle. Both beautiful and slightly deceiving, this prickly fruit- sliced open- yields the most aromatic pearl-like flesh. When I first ate these I was a small child, I was indulged eat a local Chinese restaurant that our family frequented. A rarity in the Pacific Northwest, we savored the  flesh and marveled at the shiny seeds left behind, dreaming of planting and growing our own bunches. Fast forward to India a... Read The Rest →

Vada + Tea

    I’m working with Tea Collection this month to bring you South Indian inspired recipes in honor of their Indian-inspired spring & summer’s children’s clothing line. Check out their blog for my Savory South Indian Donut recipe and more treats and tours from the Subcontinent. Then stay tuned for more South Indian delights from me, right here in Chennai.

Pondicherry, India // Weekend Guide

Think of Pondicherry as the little pearl and South India as the swirling hologram of a shell that houses it. Toted as “The French Riviera of the East” by some, this former French colony sits quietly along the Bay of Bengal. Made up of small enclaves, the former “White Town” is a slice of French architecture, design and chic sensibility next to it’s Tamil brother Chennai, known always for the color, spice and beautiful chaos.  The charm lies deeply in the interconnection of the two. From the city of Chennai,... Read The Rest →

Want to travel to India?

  You’re in luck! The fabulous Drea of the stylish and popular blog is hosting a trip here, well not here to Chennai exactly, but to North India. Drea (with the travel expertise of Above The Clouds) is planning a trip in the spring that is full of everything I love about India, including: exploration of it’s arts, culture, food and religion. For more information on the trip go here, check out some photographs of mine she is sharing, and link up for what is sure to be an amazing... Read The Rest →

Anniversary Print Sale

    In honor of my six month anniversary in India, I’ve uploaded a selection of my favorite prints from my travels to my store. From now until Monday, June 9th please enjoy a 30% discount (automatically applied at checkout) on prints purchased from this gallery HERE.

Hand In Hand // Kanchipuram, India

  I recently visited Hand in Hand India, a Non-Government Organization that rescues children from child labor. Hand in Hand provides a hostel, medical care, education and support for the families in order to replace the lost income generated by these young boys. In honor of International Women’s Day, we were accompanied by mentors from an upper school for girls from Chennai. We toured the school, spent time in small groups drawing and painting,  and discussing dreams for the boys’ futures. We also listened to testimonials of a few of the... Read The Rest →

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