The Giese Girls

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Meet my friend Alison.¬†Alison and I first met in Brazil (where we both lived at the time) and have remained friends across continents. Not only is she the mom of these three beautiful girls, but she has a most wicked eye for design. You may have even seen her gorgeous Rio de Janeiro apartment, featured in Rue Magazine a few years back. She is the owner and lead designer at Alison Giese Interiors and she now lives right here in Northern Virginia, with her children and her husband. It’s been so exciting to see her family and her business grow as we ebb and flow from country to country and rendezvous time after time with our families and for creative huddles.

There is nothing better than getting to photograph my friends, so I hung out with these gorgeous girls, capturing a Saturday morning in their beautiful home for Mother’s Day.

Alison_Elise Hanna_-2Alison_Elise Hanna_-12Alison_Elise Hanna_-6Alison_Elise Hanna_-11Alison_Elise Hanna_-5Alison_Elise Hanna_-14Alison_Elise Hanna_-15Alison_Elise Hanna_-33Alison_Elise Hanna_-30Alison_Elise Hanna_-27Alison_Elise Hanna_-25Alison_Elise Hanna_-28Alison_Elise Hanna_-21Alison_Elise Hanna_-22Alison_Elise Hanna_-38Alison_Elise Hanna_-43Alison_Elise Hanna_-41Alison_Elise Hanna_-37Alison_Elise Hanna_-39Alison_Elise Hanna_-36Alison_Elise Hanna_-52Alison_Elise Hanna_-49

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